iPhone Fonts

The system font on the iPhone is a good choice for many purposes. You can easily select it in a regular, bold or italic style using built-in font class methods. For example

UIFont *mainTitleFont = [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:14.0];
  UIFont *subTitleFont = [UIFont SystemFontOfSize:14.0];
  UIFont *textFont = [UIFont italicSystemFontOfSize:12.0];
But what if you want a font using both bold and italic at the same time, or a different typeface altogether? In that case, you can use the “fontWithName” method as follows.

UIFont *altFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Courier-Bold" size:14.0];
Another example:
UIFont *sampleFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"MarkerFelt-Thin" size:14.0];

iPhone Fonts

How to list the fonts:

// List all fonts on iPhone</span>
  NSArray *familyNames = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:[UIFont familyNames]];
  NSArray *fontNames;
  NSInteger indFamily, indFont;
  for (indFamily=0; indFamily<[familyNames count]; ++indFamily)
      NSLog(@"Family name: %@", [familyNames objectAtIndex:indFamily]);
      fontNames = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:
          [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName:
          [familyNames objectAtIndex:indFamily]]];
      for (indFont=0; indFont<[fontNames count]; ++indFont)
          NSLog(@"    Font name: %@", [fontNames objectAtIndex:indFont]);
      [fontNames release];
  [familyNames release];
2.1 SDK list:
Family name: Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W3
    Font name: HiraKakuProN-W3
Family name: Courier
    Font name: Courier
    Font name: Courier-BoldOblique
    Font name: Courier-Oblique
    Font name: Courier-Bold
Family name: Arial
    Font name: ArialMT
    Font name: Arial-BoldMT
    Font name: Arial-BoldItalicMT
    Font name: Arial-ItalicMT
Family name: STHeiti TC
    Font name: STHeitiTC-Light
    Font name: STHeitiTC-Medium
Family name: AppleGothic
    Font name: AppleGothic
Family name: Courier New
    Font name: CourierNewPS-BoldMT
    Font name: CourierNewPS-ItalicMT
    Font name: CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT
    Font name: CourierNewPSMT
Family name: Zapfino
    Font name: Zapfino
Family name: Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W6
    Font name: HiraKakuProN-W6
Family name: Arial Unicode MS
    Font name: ArialUnicodeMS
Family name: STHeiti SC
    Font name: STHeitiSC-Medium
    Font name: STHeitiSC-Light
Family name: American Typewriter
    Font name: AmericanTypewriter
    Font name: AmericanTypewriter-Bold
Family name: Helvetica
    Font name: Helvetica-Oblique
    Font name: Helvetica-BoldOblique
    Font name: Helvetica
    Font name: Helvetica-Bold
Family name: Marker Felt
    Font name: MarkerFelt-Thin
Family name: Helvetica Neue
    Font name: HelveticaNeue
    Font name: HelveticaNeue-Bold
Family name: DB LCD Temp
    Font name: DBLCDTempBlack
Family name: Verdana
    Font name: Verdana-Bold
    Font name: Verdana-BoldItalic
    Font name: Verdana
    Font name: Verdana-Italic
Family name: Times New Roman
    Font name: TimesNewRomanPSMT
    Font name: TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT
    Font name: TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT
    Font name: TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT
Family name: Georgia
    Font name: Georgia-Bold
    Font name: Georgia
    Font name: Georgia-BoldItalic
    Font name: Georgia-Italic
Family name: STHeiti J
    Font name: STHeitiJ-Medium
    Font name: STHeitiJ-Light
Family name: Arial Rounded MT Bold
    Font name: ArialRoundedMTBold
Family name: Trebuchet MS
    Font name: TrebuchetMS-Italic
    Font name: TrebuchetMS
    Font name: Trebuchet-BoldItalic
    Font name: TrebuchetMS-Bold
Family name: STHeiti K
    Font name: STHeitiK-Medium
    Font name: STHeitiK-Light**